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Via Canada Holding Group provides professional solutions for every franchise situation. Our franchise management team can do everything from turning your business into a franchise, creating franchise models and evaluating your current franchise concept..
If we decide to work together, we will provide you with the resources and services necessary to franchise your business. Our franchise services can be designed for emerging franchise concepts. 
If you require only franchise consulting, we design a fee schedule that fits your financial situation.
If you select the master licensing program, you will share in the future revenue stream from the franchising activities for the term of the franchise agreement. These agreements generally require little or no capital investment from you. We make the necessary investment to grow your business through franchising.

If you require only franchise consulting, we design a fee schedule that fits your financial situation.

Research the Market
We will research other businesses, franchised and non-franchised concepts, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and position your franchise offering for success in the market place. 


Business Plan Development
We find most businesses do not have a written business plan. If they do, it is usually in the file cabinet or on a bookshelf in their office. We believe the probability of success is significantly reduced if a business plan is developed and followed.

We will craft a business plan specifically for your company, including how to build and manage a franchise support services department, the sales and marketing plan and install and manage franchise compliance systems. We will determine the right pace of franchise expansion and the management team you will need to support growth and develop financial projections that will drive the growth of the business..

Franchise Documents
We use knowledgeable franchise attorneys to develop the Franchise Agreement and the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD).

The FDD includes two sections. The first is the Disclosure Section. This section has crucial disclosures on information that a prospective Franchisee Partner needs to make an informed decision on where the franchise is right for them. 
The next section is the Franchise Agreement. The Franchise Agreement defines the relationship between the Franchiser and its Franchisee Partners. Our agreements are state-of-the-art, incorporating all of the latest aspects of franchise law. They are crafted to protect the Franchiser and provide carefully drafted terms under which franchisees can use to brand in their local markets and to use the Franchiser's operating system to create a competitive advantage in local markets.

Regulatory Filings
We will handle the complete process required in working with state regulatory authorities to obtain the necessary approvals from state agencies before we begin awarding franchises. 

Franchise Model Documentation
We will draft manuals that document your existing systems, procedures, and controls to conform to a franchise model. These manuals make it easy for Franchisee Partners to follow the Franchise's system and procedures which allows them to operate their businesses as efficiently as possible..

Franchise Marketing Strategies
We will research the market and design the marketing model and strategies needed to successfully expand the franchise concept. We will also draft a separate marketing plan to determine the best ways to find the right Franchisee Partners. Good Franchisee Partners are the oil that makes the franchise engine run smoothly.

Board of Director/Advisory Services
With our extensive contacts within the franchise community and our experience in formulating, launching and managing franchise companies we understand the value of good management teams, advisers and Board of Directors.

We provide an advisory service for our clients in establishing a Board of Directors or Board of Advisers. Our services include finding and recruiting board members as well as assisting you overseeing your Board, including but not limited to managing board meetings, developing and implementing corporate resolutions and with the corporate governance process, which cannot be under estimated in the current business environment.


Growth and Expansion Strategies
We work with new and existing franchise companies to determine what the best strategy is for expansion by using one of the following growth models:

Direct sales to individual franchisees.
Direct sales to multi-unit franchisees.
Use of franchise consulting and broker networks.
Area/Regional Development licensing programs.
Area Franchising licensing programs.
Master Franchising licensing program.
We also can design, prototype and manage complete Area Franchising licensing for emerging franchise companies and structure this without a significant investment by the company.

Whatever the strategy is for growing your franchise system, we can help.


Franchise Concept Analysis
We will evaluate your business concept to determine what is needed to franchise your business. We structure the controls and procedures and an operating system to meet the rigorous standards in franchising.

We design the financial terms of your franchise agreement (initial franchise fees, royalties, advertising fees, etc. ) and structure the guidelines for the franchiser/franchisee relationship. 

Types of Businesses
Viacanada Franchise team has over 30 years of experience in acquiring and managing franchised and non-franchised businesses. With the assistance of Blackstone Hathaway’s team the EB5 applicant will invest in businesses that is managed by a team of professionals that will ensure the EB5 investment criteria are always in compliance, manage the businesses to maximum profit and work to build the equity value of the businesses. The exit strategy for these EB5 businesses is to sell the business at its peak market valuation, usually within 4-7 years.

Franchised businesses are an excellent vehicle for the EB5 Individual Investor. 

The EB5 Individual Investor Visa Program is a turnkey program designed for individuals that want more flexibility that an EB5 Regional Center Program. In a Regional Center the General Partner makes all decisions and everyone is required to follow these recommendations, regardless of their individual situations. For example, when the General Partner decides it is time to exit the project, all participants in the project must exit the project.

In an EB5 Individual Investor Visa Program, each investor makes decisions based on their own situation at the time in collaboration with Blackstone Hathaway’s management team. 

Franchise Litigation Expert Witness
Marvin L. Storm is an expert frequently used in franchisee/franchisor litigation. The following is a summary and overview of his franchise related experience.

Marvin L. Storm is recognized as an entrepreneur and franchise expert, with more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of entrepreneurship and franchising.
A Unit Level Franchisee in three franchise concepts.
A Multi-unit Franchisee with a 13 units in three separate concepts.
A Regional Franchisee in four franchise concepts with nearly 100 operational franchise territories.
A Franchise in two franchise concepts.
A CEO of a franchise-based technology company.
Founder of the franchise consultancy Blackstone Hathaway. See
Author on a book on Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur – A Road Map for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.
Publisher of the Time2Transition blog on franchising and entrepreneurial topics. See
If you would like more information on using Marvin L. Storm as an expert witness, please email him at 

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