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A construction company that will take away your hassle by Four Main Services:
- 3D interior Design 

- Architectural Drawing

- Permits

- Building & Construction 


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Construction Services

Team Meeting

Project Management

Via Canada

A reliable and experienced project management team can be the difference between success and failure in the execution of any project. We offer construction management services to ensure our customers achieve positive results on any project they would like to tackle. Our vast range of experience in the heavy civil construction sector ensures that projects get done right.

Shovelling Snow

Snow Removal

Via Canada

We have the people, equipment and expertise to ensure that snow removal at large scale sites is done with precision, efficiency and within very specific time constraints. Our specialized employees are kept up to date with the latest Health & Safety training certifications and that each piece of equipment is properly maintained. With our high equipment to employee ratio, we can handle any snow removal need.

Since the beginning of our longstanding relationship with the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, we have cleared and de-iced over 1,200,000 square miles of airport aprons and gates. Our efficiency has contributed to keeping the airport safe and operational during even the worst snow storms, resulting in fewer cancelled flights.

Circular Stone Floor


Via Canada

Dufferin Construction Company is proud to have partnered with Slipstone Inc., USA to introduce a ground-breaking new technology for incorporating aesthetic elements into slip formed walls: The Dufferin Slip Stone Extruded Wall System

This innovative, proprietary system uses a textured, rubberized mould wrapped around a roller attachment that fits onto a standard slip-forming machine.

The system adapts to your requirements by providing customized patterns and colouring options. The patterns can also be impressed onto both sides of a slip formed wall providing an all-around aesthetic appeal.



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