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Design & Construction

A construction company that will take away your hassle by Four Main Services:
- 3D interior Design 

- Architectural Drawing

- Permits

- Building & Construction 

Kitchen Design

Wonderful way to transform your cooking and dining space into a personalized oasis that reflects your unique taste, lifestyle, and needs.

With custom kitchen design, you have the freedom to choose every aspect of your kitchen,

Concrete By Cameleo

One of the key benefits of concrete is its strength and durability. When properly mixed and cured, concrete can last for decades or even centuries without requiring significant maintenance or repair, Via Canada

holding group is the exclusive and authorized dealer of Cameleo Deco



Via Canada Inc Holding Group is an investment holding company. Its subsidiaries are principally engaged in any kind of Industry in Toronto, Canada and other subsidiaries are committed to trading and manufacturing industry across and the World.

Collectively, our companies represent our involvement across many industries, continually driving support and growth of a sustainable economy.

Our focus is on maximizing each business opportunity that is presented to us, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded companies and entrepreneurs. We work with our partners to create long-term business relationships, utilizing our expertise, professionalism and our network.

The group uses an open expansion policy and aspires to continue its evolution into new territories with a portfolio that embraces progressiveness and professionalism. In the future, Via Canada Holding Group will still be quality competitive in the market, and further accelerate opening up and innovative oriented ideas, advancing the development.



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